Plainview Otter's Family and the Ronald McDonald House!

From the time that she was a baby, Ari needed help eating, getting most of her nourishment through bottles on Ensure. Her family tried to find some help but could never seem to find anyone else going through what they were going through. It was during an IEP meeting here at Plainview that Heather Compton mentioned the Peyton Manning Feeding Clinic. The Cannon family reached out to the Feeding Clinic and were surprised to find out that they COULD help Ari. The Cannon family packed up and went to the clinic. While there they got connected at the Ronald McDonald House and never imagined what a blessing it would be in their lives.

While staying at the Ronald McDonald house they met several families, all going through the same thing. Robert Cannon, Ari’s father, said “I’ve never known or heard of another kid having feeding problems. It’s so comforting to get to meet people who are going through it, people who have been here for years, and people brand new, like us. So we all sat around and asked questions of each other. It was an ease of mind to let us know that we were in the right place to get the right help.”


One of the other major benefits of the Ronald McDonald House is the cost, or lack there-of. The Cannons go to the clinic for 2 weeks at a time. A hotel, food, entertainment, etc. would be outrageously expensive during that time if they had to handle that all themselves. The Ronald McDonald House provides them with a place to stay, a fully stocked kitchen with VOLUNTEERS who come in, often bringing a homecooked breakfast, lunch and dinner to the residents. There are 4-5 playrooms that are equipped with everything a kid or parent could want. There is a laundry room, fully stocked, and MUCH MUCH more. ALL FOR FREE. 

How can our OTTER FAMILY help support the Ronald McDonald House and the Cannon Family? There are two ways:

  • Always round up when eating at McDonald’s. That money goes to support the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Save the TABS off of your canned beverages. We will have collection cans around the school where you can put them. 
You can send your TAB TOPS into school with your student as we will have containers throughout the building for them to place them!
THANK YOU for supporting one of our own Plainview Otters!